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Stephen Fuller Designs

Stephen Fuller Designs available at House Plans by Designs Direct.Our Design philosophy is simple. We are students of architectural precedent, but not slaves to history. We believe proportion and fine details make architecture special and unique, but we realize our designs must be build able, affordable and functional.

We value things that are Beautiful, Comfortable, Elegant, Appropriate, Enduring and most of all well Done, what ever the style. Style in Architecture is like clothing in the fashion world. The style of a building or place is determined by what is appropriate for the location, purpose, budget and personality of the user. Ultimately, the Style of a building must work from all these perspectives. So when we say we are “Students of Architectural Precedent” the purpose of that is to understand what made a particular architectural style appropriate. What factors drove the creation of Victorian architecture or Craftsman style architecture or Greek revival architecture and caused them to be in vogue in the first place?

Understanding these issues, and studying the way these styles were composed in their most basic pure forms allows us to reference them and use them in whole or part to design and style new buildings and places in ways that are new, beautiful and appropriate for today.

Design is personal and impossible to accomplish unless it is natural and effortless. This only comes from years of experience. So why are our designs special? Each one is special because they are true originals, there has never been one like it before nor will there be another like it again.

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