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    Versatile Spaces

    Versatile space allows a house to adapt to a familyís changing needs, and thereís no better example of it than a bonus room. In fact, a bonus room is so flexible that you donít even have to finish it during home construction. You can wait until time, budget or needs permit. The bonus room is one of the only rooms you can finish in stages. Just find out about the price differences between finishing your bonus room with the rest of the house, a little at a time or waiting until a later date. If you decide to have it finished now, will you be able to convert it for a different use later? Will there be any additional costs for demolition and retrofitting if you decide to completely wait? Will your family be benefited or inconvenienced with the choice? Talk to your builder about what is right for you and your family. In the meantime, think about all the things your bonus room can be.

    HOME OFFICE Often, a bonus room offers a quiet room slightly removed from the main part of the house. Never underestimate the importance of ergonomics and smart wiring; because as long as comfort and connectivity are available, youíll be set.

    PLAYROOM/REC ROOM the primary hangout for the kids. It might get a little messy from time to time, but donít forget it helps keep the kidsí bedrooms neater.

    MEDIA ROOM/HOME THEATRE/MUSIC ROOM This can be an all-inclusive room with stereo, television and video game systems, or it could be solely dedicated to one purpose such as being a home theatre or music room. Wiring and equipment compatibility are two of the biggest aspects.

    HOME GYM This is one sure way to eliminate excuses and go to the gym every day. Proper heating/cooling is a necessity. Most of the equipment can be assembled right there in the room.

    BEDROOM SUITE For a guest, teenager or in-law, the bonus room can be converted into a suite. If located near the master suite, it could also create an ideal nursery. Plumbing and additional wiring might be necessary.

    APARTMENT In a situation where you have a detached garage, you can turn the bonus room into a complete studio apartment. A growing trend is to live in the apartment, while your home is under construction. You can store your belongings in the bays below.

    HOBBY ROOM Good lighting, ventilation and storage can turn this room into the ultimate hobby room for scrap booking, woodworking or sewing. No-lighting, good ventilation and a sink can produce a state-of-the-art dark room. So if you have passion for a particular hobby, you can adapt the bonus room to it.

    LIBRARY/STUDY Everyone enjoys a quiet place to read, so why not create a library with built-in cabinetry and great lighting. If you have always dreamt of enjoying your own personal gentlemanís or ladyís study, nothing is stopping you.

    ART STUDIO Plenty of natural light is a must-have for any art studio, because of its ability to play with shadows and accentuate color. Having a place to store your materials or keeping them on-hand is priceless.

    HOME PUB/COFFEE OR ROOT BEER BAR For those who want to bring their favorite pastime places into their home for entertainment purposes, fun rooms like home pubs, coffee bars and root beer bars are on the rise. Plumbing, lighting and wiring are essential elements, and donít forget about special cabinetry and equipment.

    STORAGE Your perfect bonus room might be shelving and storage that, although scaled down, would rival any big-box retailer. Floor-to-ceiling or row upon row, good organization is critical. Location convenience and the ease with which your can find your stored items are key.

    So now you know not only is the bonus room flexible in the role it plays within your home, it can be built at different times and stages. Just remember that a dark room with no lighting right now, might not make a very good home office later without a few modifications. As your thinking of how you want to utilize your bonus room, at least outfit the room with the basics, so it transforms from one room to the next more easily. You donít have to include an overhead light fixture, but itís great to know the wiring is already there if you need one. Just like itís great to know you donít have to finish the bonus room at the time of construction, but itís waiting when youíre ready.

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