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    Working From Home

    Your home exists as your haven from the world, a place to unwind and rest, a place where ease and comfort are tantamount to everything else. However, many people today are choosing to work from home by managing a home-based business, by telecommuting for a company or by bringing work home in order to keep from racking up so many office hours. If not properly maintained, this mix of home and work life can be trying on both you and your family. Because you may not always be able to separate work from living, you may even discover that your work and home-life suffer. Thatís no way to live or work.

    Consumer statistics indicate home offices are being created at an astronomical rate in over one million homes per year. At the same time, polls report that family life is taking importance over work, which is a major reason self employment is booming. With these things in mind, itís important to understand what you need and require from a home office.

    What kind of business do you have? How formal must your office be? Will clients meet you at your office? Will you be watching your kids and working simultaneously? Will you be sharing space with a spouse, business partner or kids doing their homework? After establishing what your primary objectives are, consider secondary necessities. Do you need a separate entrance to your office? Is your office located near a powder room or bathroom? Are refreshments close by such as in a kitchen or wet bar? How isolated or connected do you need your office to be in relation to the rest of the house?

    Now youíre ready to get down to the essentials. Make the room work for you. Organization is the key to any functional office, and that involves good design and convenience. Utilize built-ins or set up permanent files and cabinets. Place your desk so it receives natural light without creating a glare on your computer screen. Make sure you have adequate wiring for a phone, internet access and office equipment, with a few extra outlets for expansion purposes or any new gadgets that come along to make your job easier. Sufficient, suitable lighting is a must, because low and harsh lighting strains your eyes, causing headaches and errors. Donít forget about ergonomics.

    On a personal note, why not make yourself a schedule and stick to it? Donít forget to take routine breaks. Even though your office is in your home, keep work at the office, and leave the office behind when you walk out and close the door.

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